Sunday, 27 June 2010

essie - the summer collection

As soon as payday came around I order two of the gorgeous colours from essie's Summer Collection. Thanks to my premiere account with ASOS I had them the very next day and oh my, how pretty they really were. I went for "haute as hello" and "knockout pout". I've mentioned before how I've been searching for the most perfect shade of peach nail varnish... well I think I've found it!

haute as hello

The colour is just devine, I really wanted it to pop so I used 3 coats and this is what I got. It's bright and vibrant and so summery. What do you think?

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Oh Chanel. How I love thee so but why, oh why, are you out to destroy my bank balance?!

So after the whole obsession with Chanel Le Vernis in Nouvelle Vague I promised my friends that I would stop with the obsession and not buy another one until at least Autumn/Winter.

I lied. I was unprepared for the beauty that they were preparing to unleash... Elle Magazine is also partly to blame for bringing it to my attention but I guess I shouldn't shoot the messenger.

They've created three new shades, apparently "created for the Paris-Shanghai Art trade fashion show. One gold; one matte black and the other clear with flecks of gold and plum-blue sparkles"

So so so pretty. I do already have a thing for metallic make up so this is just feeding into the obsession. I think I’m going to have to try and get my hands on the Black Velvet and the Gold Lame.

Bad Lulu.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

MAC Cremesheen Glass

Now I am pretty much a lipgloss whore. I have a RIDICULOUS amount of lipgloss and think it's just the best thing ever created. I have my favourites and I thought I'd share with you my current number 1 lipgloss obsession... MAC Cremesheen Glass. In the words of MAC "A lip finish that fuses the creamy, sheen-filled nature of Cremesheen Lipstick with the shine of M∙A∙C Lipglass. Soft, comfortable, non-sticky."

Basically a little stick of heaven.

This is my beautiful collection so far...

"loud and lovely", "petite indulgence", "melt in your mouth", "partial to pink", "boy bait", "richer, lusher"

They are just so scrumptious. The colours are lovely; they're so soft and not sticky. They also taste and smell amazing and make my lips feel soft and don't dry them out at all.

I'm so in love with these glosses, I aim to get one of every colour available but at £14.50 each it might take me a while/bankrupt me.

Oh and they were limited edition to begin with but thankfully the clever people at MAC saw sense and made them a permanent part of the range

essie - The Resort Collection

So I purchased The Resort Collection by Essie a while ago and all of the colours are sooooo pretty. This weekend I thought I'd wear "Splash of Grenadine" as it's all nice and summery. I am starting to become quite a fan of Essie, they seem to bring out great collections with such lovely colours.

I think this colour is gorgeous and looks great. I had to put on 3 coats as the consistency is quite thin which is a little bit irritating but it's yet to chip which is great.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Lusting after...

So there are a couple of posts on other blogs that caught my eye this week of exciting new things that are coming out. Unfortunately they're both American so I won't be able to get my hands on them straight away as I'm sure we'll have to wait a bit as always! But anyway you should check out The Muse's post on MAC Venomous Villains which is a limited edition collection that they've done with Disney. Basically it's FREAKING AWESOME. Two of my favourite things coming together!

And the other post that has got me all excited is over at All lacquered up. Orly are a nail varnish brand that I've never tried before, never actually seen it sold over here actually but anyway they're bringing out a range called Plastix Satin Finish. I really like the purple and green colours and the finish looks so different and awesome. I really need to somehow get my hands on one for sure.

Thursday, 17 June 2010


I am massively stressed at work at the moment so I've been very slack with posting. I am just so tired but I thought I'd pop on to share with you this awesome website that I just discovered thanks to a friend of mine. It's SO relaxing! It basically plays you the sound of rain. This might sound totally weird but I am suffering from really bad headaches that I get when I'm stressed and this website is helping so much.

In the immortal words of Garbage... "I'm only happy when it rains".

Well you know... unless it's summer.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


So first up... new layout which I hope everyone likes.

Secondly I decided to give painting my nails for the England match tomorrow a go... And this is the result...

Not too shabby for a first go I think! I need a bit more practise and a steady hand but I think they look pretty cool!

I also painted my nails with one of the new Rimmel nail varnishes that I bought yesterday. It's Orange Bliss Lycra Pro Rimmel nail varnish. In the shop I swear it was slightly more coraly but on my nails it looks quite orange. I painted them this morning and by lunchtime today and look like this...

I'm not impressed at all. They didnt even last a day without chipping, the formula was slightly thick but still needed two coats. However I really love the brush. It's one of those bigger ones that you can do one nail with one stroke and that worked really well. I like the colour but I'm not massively in love with it.

My search for the perfect peachy/coraly/orangey nail varnish continues...

lulu x

PS. Sorry for the crappy photos, my camera is really being a bitch.

Thursday, 10 June 2010


So I just had to pop out at lunch today as I heard on the grapevine that Glamour were giving away free Benefit make up with their new issue that went on sale today. I'm a HUGE Benefit fan, to the extent that the Bene-babes soon realise within a minute of talking to me that there is no point trying to sell to me because I have it all already and always know what I want. Anyway when I heard about this amazing Glamour give away I swiftly popped into boots and grabbed myself three copies. They're giving away BAD gal (smouldering black eye pencil), Eye bright (instant eye brightener) and It Stick (conceal it all stick). They all sell for around £15 so it's a complete and utter bargain!!

I already have eye bright and don't use it that often so I thought I'd try out It stick and grab myself two lots of BAD gal cuz it's such a gorgeous eyeliner.

As you can see I also got a bit distracted by Boots' 3 for 2 on beauty products and ended up buying 3 new nail varnishes... thought I'd give Rimmel a go as those colours look gorgeous and I needed a new top coat anyway. I'm hoping the peachy/coraly one is going to be what I've been searching for! I will post a review on it later, if I ever make it home (didn't leave work till 11pm last night... woe is me!)

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Katy Perry

I love Katy Perry and I'm not ashamed to admit it. She is awesome, has the coolest clothes, amazing taste in men and quite frankly if I ever had a boob job I'd take a picture of Katy Perry and say "I want that".

It was the MTV movies awards on the 6th and as always she looked WICKED. I'm loving the insane blue wig and her outfits are just gorge but most importantly... her nails looked awesome!

I am now fighting the urge to go and paint my nails bright yellow. Oh why fight it!

(I really am going to bed now, promise.)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

peachy keen

I've been a bit MIA due to being back at work and really busy :( BOOO!

Anyway I am on a mission... a mission to find the most perfect shade of Peachy/Coral nail varnish. I don't know if it's just in my head but everything seems to fall flat. I'm sure OPI must do the perfect shade that I'm after but I find it hard to look on their website as its always pictures of the colours, rather than photos and it's just not a true representation. Nails Inc have left me down and have NOTHING that is remotely near what I want in my head. I think I might pop to Superdrug tomorrow and have a look at the cheaper high street brands and see if they've got what I want.

Oh and on a seperate note I'm totally going to try and do special nails for the world cup with the St George's flag on them... might need to start practising that one!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

MAC - Dare to Wear

Just seen these pictures of new MAC collection that is due out around August called Dare to Wear and I am MASSIVELY in love with the lip glasses. They just look so bright and pretty, hopefully they will come out as bright as they look in the pic.

I want them now dammit!!


OPI - Ogre the Top Blue

OPI have got a limited edition rang out for the new Shrek movie so I had to get my hands on at least one of them. The colours are pretty funky and have awesome names to go with the movie such as “Whats with the Cattitude?” and “Who the Shrek are You?” OPI seem to be doing more and more limited collections that are tied in with movies and I personally love it. I was a huge fan of the Alice in Wonderland ones and these ones looks great too. I ended up going with “Ogre the Top Blue” as I thought it was a gorgeous shade of blue that I just had to have.

As always with OPI it’s a lovely thick formula that goes on really well – in fact my nails in the picture were done really quickly and with only one coat and they look pretty good. I’m only on day 2 but no signs of chipping at all which is what I tend to find with all OPI products, they really do last a long time so I think they're worth the money. There’s a minis collection of the Shrek colours and I think I might have to buy that as well, the colours are just so different and gorgeous I want them all! I’m not sure who is selling the range in the UK but I managed to get mine off eBay for cheaper anyway.

Has anyone else tried the Shrek collection out?

shopping at Westfield

I'm on holiday from work this week and decided to spend yesterday with my mum so we thought we’d go to Westfield to do some shopping. We'd both never actually been there before which is quite shocking for me considering how much I love to shop and how close it is to where I live. I think I was trying to avoid tempting myself! Anyway it's like retail heaven and I think I'm in love with a shopping centre! It literally has every shop you could possibly want to go to. We spent 4 hours there and didn't even scratch the surface when it comes to all the shops. I did however manage to buy lots of yummy things thanks to my lovely mummy. Shopping with mums is always the best! Anyway I thought I'd share with you a few of the beauty things that I manage to con my mum into buying.

Lancôme at House of Fraser have a deal on at the moment where if you buy two products (one to be skincare) you get a free limited edition make up bag designed by Temperly... I am completely in love with it, it’s simply gorgeous. I managed to convince my mum that she needed to buy something skin care from Lancôme and that she should also buy me their new mascara "Hypnôse Precious Cells". I've wanted to try this one out since it launched so very excited to see what its like. I'm massively obsessed with mascara and will try out any new releases but my ultimate mascara brand will always be Lancôme... they just always get it right.

So in my shopping escapades I also was delighted that there is a Biotherm concession in House of Fraser so I got my hands on the moisturiser I was telling you about as well as a new body exfoliator called “Biotherm Huile de Gommage”. Will let you know how I get on with that one.

I also managed to convince my mum to buy me clothes and shoes so I ended up being a very spoilt lady yesterday!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Essie - The Summer Collection

So I just got a lovely email in my inbox telling me that the essie Summer Collection has been released! This makes me happy as I tend to get over excited by any new nail collections but this one is especially yummy! I've got my eyes on...

demure vixen, knockout pout and haute as hello

But what I really love about essie is that with their collections they normally do a mini's version of the whole collection that you can get. It works well for me as I always have to get everything new that comes out so it's a much cheaper way of doing it and making sure I get all the colours. So I think i'm definitely going to buying one of these... anyone else?

lusting after... biotherm multi-recharge moisturiser

So I managed to get my hands on a small sample packet of Biotherm's "Multi-recharge moisturiser" and tried it out last week. I have fallen in love with this product. It melts into your skin and smells devine. It has quite a citrusey smell to it which is just gorgeous in the morning and helps you feel awake. My skin was left feeling silky smooth and I'm totally hooked on it. At £32 a jar it is pretty pricey but it's by far one of the best moisturisers I've used in forever.