Thursday, 3 June 2010

shopping at Westfield

I'm on holiday from work this week and decided to spend yesterday with my mum so we thought we’d go to Westfield to do some shopping. We'd both never actually been there before which is quite shocking for me considering how much I love to shop and how close it is to where I live. I think I was trying to avoid tempting myself! Anyway it's like retail heaven and I think I'm in love with a shopping centre! It literally has every shop you could possibly want to go to. We spent 4 hours there and didn't even scratch the surface when it comes to all the shops. I did however manage to buy lots of yummy things thanks to my lovely mummy. Shopping with mums is always the best! Anyway I thought I'd share with you a few of the beauty things that I manage to con my mum into buying.

Lancôme at House of Fraser have a deal on at the moment where if you buy two products (one to be skincare) you get a free limited edition make up bag designed by Temperly... I am completely in love with it, it’s simply gorgeous. I managed to convince my mum that she needed to buy something skin care from Lancôme and that she should also buy me their new mascara "Hypnôse Precious Cells". I've wanted to try this one out since it launched so very excited to see what its like. I'm massively obsessed with mascara and will try out any new releases but my ultimate mascara brand will always be Lancôme... they just always get it right.

So in my shopping escapades I also was delighted that there is a Biotherm concession in House of Fraser so I got my hands on the moisturiser I was telling you about as well as a new body exfoliator called “Biotherm Huile de Gommage”. Will let you know how I get on with that one.

I also managed to convince my mum to buy me clothes and shoes so I ended up being a very spoilt lady yesterday!

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