Saturday, 7 August 2010

rimmel "fruties"

I am always taken in by a good gimmick so was very excited about Rimmel London's "Fruities" nail varnishes that smell of the fruit that they look like. It kinda reminds me of those pens that used to smell of fruit back in the 80's, I remember my big sister having them and me being desperately jealous of how cool they were.

Anyway Rimmel have released 4 colours and I purchased two; strawberry fizz and cranberry zest. Generally I find with Rimmel's nail varnishes that you have to put on about 3 coats and they always chip quite easily, however these two actually go on quite nicely and aren't as thin as I normally find Rimmel's varnishes to be. Annoyingly though because of the smell I didn't think there was any point in putting top coat on, as it kinda defies the point, which means that they did chip within a day.

Cranberry Zest

Strawberry Fizz

The colours are really lovely though and they smell so yummy!

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