Thursday, 30 September 2010

Benefit Costmetics.

I am a huge fan of Benefit. And I mean HUGE. My addiction started when I was 16 and got my first “show off” eye shadow (which btw, they should totally bring back). I can’t remember who bought it for me but I just know that I was hooked. I’ve been a faithful fan for the past 10 years and my love for their products never wavers. I pretty much have the whole range, the only ones I don’t have are the ones I don’t want. I always get the limited edition palettes at Christmas when they’re normally released. I do not go a day without wearing something made by Benefit on my face/body. I am also responsible for the Benefit addictions of at least 4 of my friends and that makes me proud. Spreading the benefit love around!

Anyway I thought I’d share a couple of my favourite products of theirs starting with their powders.

1. Dandelion – “pink perk-me-up face powder”

A gorgeous soft pink powder that you can put on just your cheeks or all over for a complexion pick me up. A really gorgeous powder.

2. Georgia – “a "just peachy" face powder”

Really gorgeous peach colour powder that perks up your skin and looks gorgeous.

3. thrrrob – “"turned on" face powder”

This is supposed to give you that flushed look you get when flirting with that hot boy! I have to say its probably my least favourite of their powders, I don’t really feel that it does anything to my skins at all. If you want this kind of subtle pink flushed look then Dandelion is much better.

4. Perfect 10 – “bronzing & highlighting face powder duo”

This is definitely one of my favs, it’s really subtle and gives you a gorgeous application if you use the brush to give you highlight up top and bronzer on your cheekbones or if you mix it up on your brush and just apply together. It really is gorgeous and if you don’t own I suggest you go out and buy it now.

5. Sugarbomb – “"sugar rush flush" face powder”

Their newest powder and definitely a firm favourite. This powder smells amazing as well as looking gorgeous. Made up of 4 different colours that blend perfectly to give your cheeks a gorgeous blush look. It stays on for hours and is just gorgeous.

6. CORALista – “coral blush for a tropical flush”

Simply gorgeous, I probably wear this one the most and it just looks beautiful. A gorgeous peachy/pink colour and just brightens up your face instantly. I can’t recommend this enough.

Hoola and Dallas are the only ones I don’t have full size versions of but I have Hoola in a ltd edition palette. But to be honest I’m not much of a bronzer girl.

I am massively excited about the release “Her Name is Glowla” which is a new limited edition kit that is just freaking beautiful. It has so many gorgeous products in it and is just perfect. I have no money until next pay day so I’m going to have to wait 3 weeks until I can get my mitts on it.

Monday, 27 September 2010

american apparel

So one of the lovely girls from work has discovered American Apparel's nail varnishes and has been raving about them to me so I thought I'd steal hers and give it a go.

Malibu Green

This colour is just SO gorgeous. Really vibrant and eye catching. The formula is great, it went on really well and I only needed one coat which dried really quickly. The bottle is a great size (15ml), nice and big. The bottles cost £7 which is a great price but, annoyingly, they are only $6 in America, so as usual we're being massively short changed over here in the UK. But the product is so good that I'd happily pay £7 for them. I've only just painted my nails at lunch so can’t comment on chipping but Liz painted hers on Friday and has kept it on all weekend (no top coat) and they still look fab, only slightly chipped on one nail. Pretty good going if you ask me.

So these are now another new favourite of mine, the range of colours they have on their website is great. Plenty to choose from!

PS. How good is the camera on my new phone?! Way better than my actual camera, might have to start using it from now on!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

blondes are adored.

Hair. Pretty much my most favourite thing about a person. I am like Sampson... without my hair I am nothing.

I am a bubbly blonde and I LOVE that it is part of my personality. My friends always joke that they can always find me in a crowd because my hair is so white it makes me stand out. I am a big believer in that your hair can totally affect your mood. Make up is the same but even if I have fab make up but shit hair I will feel awful and refuse to go out and have fun. The days at work that I turn up with greasy hair up in a ponytail are the ones that I feel unattractive, unconfident and don't want to bring any attention to myself.

However if I've gotten my lovely best friend Paige to curl my hair for me before work then I'm in a fab mood, up for going out and demanding attention from everyone... especially the hot boys in the office!

Money is very tight at the mo, (especially last month as a bit of an extended financial hangover from my birthday) this meant that instead of getting my hair dyed after the customary 6 weeks I had to wait until today... 7 and a half weeks after I last had it dyed. Therefore I've had awful roots for the past 2 weeks and it's just totally affected my mood. I’ve felt shit and not wanted to look in the mirror. Totally self-conscious, thinking that all people see are my dark roots. I very much doubt that is the case (well with most people!) but that’s what I would think when I looked in the mirror. Thankfully pay day has come around and after a 3 and a half hour visit to my lovely hair dressers house, I am fully restored to my platinum glory. Ready to take on the world at work tomorrow.

I guess it could be seen as quite vain to think like that but I don’t think so, it's more about how great hair can make you feel. The confidence it can give you.

I might have a huge ass but at least I've got great hair. And by Jove I will twirl it around my fingers when I'm flirting with those gorgeous boys in the office.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Chanel - Les Khakis de Chanel

Whenever Chanel launches a new limited edition everyone is sure to scramble to get their hands on them and then inevitably you'll get the onslaught of dupes from other brands. I however am always one of those people who desperately has to get their hands on the Chanel..

Les Khakis de Chanel is their latest limited edition collection that was created by Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, in celebration of Fashion's Night Out. Unfortunately I had to work late on the night of the launch night at Selfridges so I was convinced that they'd all be sold out by the time I managed to get there a few days later. There were three colours in the collection and when I managed to get to Selfridges all the colours had sold out apart from Khaki Vert, which luckily enough was the one that I was after!

I am a huge fan of Chanel's nail varnishes. Not only are the colours always gorgeous but they have a great consistency and go on really well. The above was achieved with 2 coats and a top coat. I really love this colour; it's really rich and gorgeous. I've seen the other two in the collection and they don't look as good as they do in pictures. I'm pleased I managed to get my hands on Khaki Vert - it's such a gorgeous colour, definitely a new favourite.

nails inc. explosive Comfort pink

So a couple of months back Comfort fabric softeners did a competition online in partnership with Nails Inc. I was lucky enough to win one of their limited edition nail varnishes that they did together called "explosive Comfort pink". A gorgeous bright pink that pop's and looks just as good on the nails as it does in the bottle.

The picture above shows it on with only one coat and then I did the tips with my Matte top coat just because I got bored! I need a bit more practise with the tips but I quite like it!

I really really love this colour, it's my kind of pink and looks so gorgeous on. I'm a huge Nails Inc. fan and this has to be one of my favourites, it's a shame that it is a limited edition.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

George at Asda.

So a couple of friends of mine from work have insisted that their latest amazing beauty find is the range of make up from George at Asda. I am far from hopeful as let's just say I'm not the biggest fan of Asda. However the girls insisted that I take one of the nail varnishes to try and that I did.

So I tried out the George at Asda quick dry nail varnish in “Be Mine”. It's a very light violet colour. It's got a rather thick consistency to it that I didn't like; it didn't go on particularly well because of this and went a bit streaky. It did dry really quickly which was great, most "quick dry" nail varnishes are normally a bit shit but this was really fast. However because it dries so quickly I just found it quite hard to apply. The girls have insisted that it doesn't chip easily but for me it's already slightly chipped already. I didn't put any top coat on like I normally do though as I wanted to really test it.

Overall I'm not a massive fan but am more impressed that I thought I was going to be. For £1.50 it's really not a bad deal.

Though as I said to the girls today... I think I'll be sticking with Chanel!

Oooh talking of which... "Les Khakis De Chanel" comes out at Selfridges tomorrow! I'm going to try and head there tomorrow after work but I'm sure it'll all be sold out by then :(

Saturday, 4 September 2010


So I decided that every day this week I would go all autumnal and have a different autumn/winter colour on my nails to really embrace the awful notion that summer is well and truly over. So here they are, four days of gorgeous colours - what's your fav?


Nails Inc - The Thames
Application - Two coats
Love this gorgeous dark grey, it goes on quite well but needed two coats just to get it really dark and gorgeous.


Nails Inc - The Serpentine
Application - One coat
LOVE this blue, it kinda looks like petrol blue, really gorgeous and rich, doesn't look black at all which I think sometimes can happen with quite dark blues. Had a few comments on how pretty this one was. Goes on really well and only needs one coat.


OPI - Ski Teal We Drop
Application - One coat
I've wanted to get my hands on this one since I saw pics of it a few weeks ago. Definitely my favourite from OPI's Swiss collection, it's similar to Wed's colour but its definitely more Teal, really gorgeous colour. One of my new favs!


Nails Inc - Cadogan Square
Application - One coat
Another new purchase that I'm in love with. It's one of Nails Inc new limited edition colours and it's this gorgeous caramel/camel colour and it looks scrummy, good enough to it! Camel is very in this season so why not have it on your nails too!

I have to apologise for the crappy photos, my camera really is rather shit. I suppose that’s what you get for buying a camera because it's metallic pink.