Monday, 27 September 2010

american apparel

So one of the lovely girls from work has discovered American Apparel's nail varnishes and has been raving about them to me so I thought I'd steal hers and give it a go.

Malibu Green

This colour is just SO gorgeous. Really vibrant and eye catching. The formula is great, it went on really well and I only needed one coat which dried really quickly. The bottle is a great size (15ml), nice and big. The bottles cost £7 which is a great price but, annoyingly, they are only $6 in America, so as usual we're being massively short changed over here in the UK. But the product is so good that I'd happily pay £7 for them. I've only just painted my nails at lunch so can’t comment on chipping but Liz painted hers on Friday and has kept it on all weekend (no top coat) and they still look fab, only slightly chipped on one nail. Pretty good going if you ask me.

So these are now another new favourite of mine, the range of colours they have on their website is great. Plenty to choose from!

PS. How good is the camera on my new phone?! Way better than my actual camera, might have to start using it from now on!

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