Sunday, 26 September 2010

blondes are adored.

Hair. Pretty much my most favourite thing about a person. I am like Sampson... without my hair I am nothing.

I am a bubbly blonde and I LOVE that it is part of my personality. My friends always joke that they can always find me in a crowd because my hair is so white it makes me stand out. I am a big believer in that your hair can totally affect your mood. Make up is the same but even if I have fab make up but shit hair I will feel awful and refuse to go out and have fun. The days at work that I turn up with greasy hair up in a ponytail are the ones that I feel unattractive, unconfident and don't want to bring any attention to myself.

However if I've gotten my lovely best friend Paige to curl my hair for me before work then I'm in a fab mood, up for going out and demanding attention from everyone... especially the hot boys in the office!

Money is very tight at the mo, (especially last month as a bit of an extended financial hangover from my birthday) this meant that instead of getting my hair dyed after the customary 6 weeks I had to wait until today... 7 and a half weeks after I last had it dyed. Therefore I've had awful roots for the past 2 weeks and it's just totally affected my mood. I’ve felt shit and not wanted to look in the mirror. Totally self-conscious, thinking that all people see are my dark roots. I very much doubt that is the case (well with most people!) but that’s what I would think when I looked in the mirror. Thankfully pay day has come around and after a 3 and a half hour visit to my lovely hair dressers house, I am fully restored to my platinum glory. Ready to take on the world at work tomorrow.

I guess it could be seen as quite vain to think like that but I don’t think so, it's more about how great hair can make you feel. The confidence it can give you.

I might have a huge ass but at least I've got great hair. And by Jove I will twirl it around my fingers when I'm flirting with those gorgeous boys in the office.

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