Tuesday, 7 September 2010

George at Asda.

So a couple of friends of mine from work have insisted that their latest amazing beauty find is the range of make up from George at Asda. I am far from hopeful as let's just say I'm not the biggest fan of Asda. However the girls insisted that I take one of the nail varnishes to try and that I did.

So I tried out the George at Asda quick dry nail varnish in “Be Mine”. It's a very light violet colour. It's got a rather thick consistency to it that I didn't like; it didn't go on particularly well because of this and went a bit streaky. It did dry really quickly which was great, most "quick dry" nail varnishes are normally a bit shit but this was really fast. However because it dries so quickly I just found it quite hard to apply. The girls have insisted that it doesn't chip easily but for me it's already slightly chipped already. I didn't put any top coat on like I normally do though as I wanted to really test it.

Overall I'm not a massive fan but am more impressed that I thought I was going to be. For £1.50 it's really not a bad deal.

Though as I said to the girls today... I think I'll be sticking with Chanel!

Oooh talking of which... "Les Khakis De Chanel" comes out at Selfridges tomorrow! I'm going to try and head there tomorrow after work but I'm sure it'll all be sold out by then :(

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