Friday, 29 October 2010

Wear it Pink

It's Wear it Pink day everyone! Hope you've all been wearing pink and raising money for Breast Cancer Campaign today. I've been working on organising various Wear it Pink events for the past 2 months which culminated last week in a huge Wear it Pink party and auction in which we raised £5000. It was an awesome evening and as it's Wear it Pink today we had another raffle and we've raised a load more money today. I can't wait to add it all up and see our final total for such an important charity. One of my fellow PA's is off at the moment, recovering after breast cancer, so it's a really important charity to me and the girls. Hope you all have had similar successful days today!

I shall leave you with a rather drunken pic of me at the Wear it Pink party last week... note the two drinks in my hands...

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  1. I'm pretty much sure I should have signed some kind of release form before you posted this.

    Nice work!