Saturday, 29 May 2010

first post!

YAY so it's my first post here, very exciting. I decided to start this blog as I'm massively addicted to all things beauty related and thought it'd be a cool idea to share my opinons and views on the products that I love and can't live without. My make up collection is pretty substantial... some of my friends do accuse me of having an addiction that requires therapy but I don't hear them complaining when they borrow it all!

If you're wondering who I am... well i'm 25, live in london with my flatmate and I work in media as a personal assistant. A PA who's addicted to make up... what a stereotype I know! I'm (bleached) blonde and I love it, I strive to be as blonde as humanly possible and am obsessed with it! I am massively addicted to lip gloss and my other new addiction is nail varnishes. They're little pots of gorgeousness and I normally don't wear the same colour on my nails two days in a row! So that's me, hope I can post stuff that you'll find interesting.



  1. :D I'm a make-up-a-holic too. *highfive*