Saturday, 12 June 2010


So first up... new layout which I hope everyone likes.

Secondly I decided to give painting my nails for the England match tomorrow a go... And this is the result...

Not too shabby for a first go I think! I need a bit more practise and a steady hand but I think they look pretty cool!

I also painted my nails with one of the new Rimmel nail varnishes that I bought yesterday. It's Orange Bliss Lycra Pro Rimmel nail varnish. In the shop I swear it was slightly more coraly but on my nails it looks quite orange. I painted them this morning and by lunchtime today and look like this...

I'm not impressed at all. They didnt even last a day without chipping, the formula was slightly thick but still needed two coats. However I really love the brush. It's one of those bigger ones that you can do one nail with one stroke and that worked really well. I like the colour but I'm not massively in love with it.

My search for the perfect peachy/coraly/orangey nail varnish continues...

lulu x

PS. Sorry for the crappy photos, my camera is really being a bitch.

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