Monday, 30 August 2010

Minx - Nails Inc

So a few weeks ago I decided to get the Minx manicure done at Nails Inc. I've wanted to get these done for ages, I'd seen lots of pics of all the celebs done with the Silver or Gold metal nails and thought it looked wicked. I decided to get it done at Nails Inc as I'd had manicures done there before and had a great experience.

I opted to go for the Silver Minx nails as I wear a lot of silver jewellery so thought it'd go better. They basically give your nails a mini manicure and sort out your cuticles etc. to begin with. They then have the minx on sheets and measure them out for each of your nails and cut the transfers down to size if they don't fit. Essentially they're stickers that they then slightly heat under the lamp and then stick them to your nails and stretch them across really tight. To finish off they then file them off at the top to get rid of the extra bit of the stickers and voilĂ  you're done. Mine looked like this...

HOWEVER... half way through doing my nails the girl told me that it was only the 2nd time she'd ever done them! Slightly worrying and I really don't think that they should be allowed to do it on customers with only one go at training. I noticed as she was doing it that a couple of them were starting to crease already but I just thought they'd be fine.

Two hours later and they looked like this...

Not sure if you can quite see it (the photo is a bit crappy) but on each hand there were three nails that were peeling at the top already. Within a day they looked pretty crappy up close and I ended up having to peel them off after three days cuz they were driving me insane.

Now I'm not blaming Minx for this, I think it's a great idea and they normally work really well. I'm blaming Nails Inc for giving me a manicurist who had only ever done it once before doing it on my nails. I will definitely be having it done again, just not at Nails Inc and I'll make sure to check beforehand that the person doing it was more experienced!

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  1. Such a shame, looks like she hasnt angled the file correctly whilst removing the excess.