Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Barry M

So I FINALLY got my hands on the Barry M instant nail effects "Crackle" nail varnish. Thank you pay day, oh how I've been waiting for you!

This stuff is amazing, it's just so much fun to paint on. I'm wearing Orly in "Basket Case" (which is my new ultimate fav pink colour) with the Barry M on top to give the funky cracked look. It dries to a matt finish so I then put a Rimmel top coat over it to make it nice and shiny.

I also bought a new rapid drying spray today from Superdrug by Elegant touch. It cost £2.85 for 125ml which I thought was nice and cheap. It worked really well and touch dried my nails really quickly. Normally those sprays make my hands greasy but this didn’t leave much of a residue so I'd definitely recommend for those of you who don't have time to sit around to wait for your nails to dry!

I also may have accidentally bought Chanel Paradoxal... really shouldn't have done that but I couldn’t stop myself! Also got Chanel's Rouge Allure gloss in insolence too! BAD LULU! I'll do a post of both of them tomorrow, for now I'm off to the pub... I have a day off and I'm gunna enjoy it!

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