Friday, 29 October 2010

Models Own

So I placed my first order with Models Own this week after I saw the gorgeous new colours that they released. I ordered five colours and it only cost me £15.91 which I think is a freaking bargain! They do a great deal that if you buy 5 polishes you save £7 and then I had a 10% discount code too as it was my first ever order. So price wise I was pretty darn pleased with that!

I ended up getting (l-r) Vintage Pink, Grace Green, Mushroom, Purple Ash and Peach Puff.

These colours are just so gorgeous and creamy. I love them all and it's just far too hard to pick a favourite. I originally was interested after seeing their geniusly named "Car Key" collection, which are kind of supposed to be dupes of the Chanel Khaki collection. Grace Green and Purple Ash are from that collection and I have to say that they're not that dupey, the green is similar to Khaki Vert but lighter, I really like it. And I love Purple Ash more than Khaki Rose, it's such a pretty colour.

Another thing I love about these colours is that they go on really well, you could get away with one coat if you were in a hurry and they'd still look good. They also dry REALLY quickly, and properly, not touch dry and then smudge when you think they're ok... that happens to me a lot. I'm impressed that I really attacked my nails but there was no shifting that colour.

(l-r) Grace Green, Mushroom, Purple Ash, Vintage Pink and Peach Puff

The only thing I thought that was weird about the Models Own nail varnishes was the smell... they smelt funny, not like normal nail varnishes. I think perhaps it could be because they're not “big 3 free” but I don't know. It was weird. But not enough to put me off buying again.

Overall I'm really pleased with these despite the weird smell. The consistency and application was great, the colours are gorgeous and they were a bargain.

A+ Models Own... I shall be buying from you again!


  1. I have never noticed a funny smell with models own polishes. These colours look gorgeous, I think I will have to order them all minue peach puff.

  2. Lovely, great to see Peach puff, I've been looking for its swatch for ages. :>

    I think I want them all...