Sunday, 14 November 2010

Chanel Pulsion & Nars Pokerface

So I accidentally kinda spent all my money on nail varnish again... I really think perhaps I should invest in some kind of therapy for this addiction but for now, behold my gorgeous new purchases...

Pokerface by Nars

This is the gorgeous limited edition from Nars from their Holiday 2010 collection and it's a gorgeous Lilac colour with a slight shimmer. I'm totally digging this colour, it's a nice change of pace from the rest of the launches at the mo that are all very autumnal and muted. It's my first ever Nars nail varnish and I'm very impressed with it, great consistency and goes on really well. It costs £13 and I love it!

Pulsion by Chanel

Next up is the new Chanel nail colour from their Holiday 2010 collection called Pulsion. A very bright and gorgeous fuchsia pink colour that I love. For some reason on the Chanel website the colour looks very red but it's definitely not. I would say it's slightly darker than a previous release of theirs called Riviera. It's very bright and gorgeous and as always just a great nail varnish from Chanel. I'm such a fan... it's a real problem for my bank balance!

Ummm and on an unrelated note... how shocking was it that Aidan got kicked off the X Factor?! I'm in shock and very upset! He had the most gorgeous voice :(


  1. Oh pokerface is gorgeous! I am getting a new love for NARS.
    And yea whoever is voting for wagner is crazy. I think aiden was getting a bit cocky and was better in his first auditions, but it was very sad to see him go, he was very obviously upset by it.

  2. My friend is giving away a bottle of this if you want to check it out. (I already have a bottle or I wouldn't be sharing this!)