Saturday, 20 November 2010

Leopard print nails

So I had my first proper go at some nail art today! I've seen lots of people having the funky leopard print nails done by WAH and thought they looked awesome and wanted to try and recreate them. I'd seen some done by WAH in like a bluey/greeny colour with purple so wanted to try and do that one.

I used Chanel's Nouvelle Vague as my bluey/greeny base colour. I then used did dots using a pinky purple Barry M colour (it's a Boots limited edition colour, has no actual name). I then borrowed the new Model's Own nail pen from my flatmate to do the black outline, whacked on a nails inc top coat and this is the final results...

What do you think? Not too bad for a first time, I think I'll definitely have to keep practising but it was very fun! Can't wait to get paid so I can buy my own Model's Own nail art pens rather than borrow my flatmates!


  1. Looks lovely! I have a pen like the MO one but it's an unbranded cheapie. Exactly the same packaging though. Wish I wasn't so rubbish with it though!