Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Pay Day news!

Morning all! I'm in a very good mood this morning as it is PAY DAY!! Woo hoo. January has been the longest, most depressing month of my life as I have been living off about £3 for the past 4 weeks. Not good for a shopping addict, that's for sure.

But the drought is over, I've been paid and am trying to carefully budget what I can buy this month. First stop was over at Luxury Haircare.co.uk to buy some Kerastase as my poor dyed locks have been very unhappy with me for not using it for 2 weeks. Luxury Haircare is the place I've found it the cheapest and they've been really good whenever I've ordered from them so I'd definitely recommend using them.

Next up Nails Inc have released the Cashmere Collection which looks simply gorgeous...

I definitely have to get my mitts on one of those, really gorgeous and creamy which I'm very into right now.

Also Lookfantastic.com have finally got the Katy Perry OPI collection which is quite exciting. I think the only one I really want is Teenage Dream but I might buy the little mini set as I think its a great way to try them all. They've also released their Shatter nail polish which is great but I still think I'd rather buy the Barry M one which is amazing and much cheaper.

And finally MAC have had the Cham Pale collection online for a few weeks but now I've been paid I can finally buy some of it. I think the paint pots and the highlight powders are the best but by the looks of things they're all sold out. Gutted. Still a lovely collection though.

Oh and I'm massively excited that MAC are bringing out a Wonder Woman collection. Temptalia has all the details and pics but let’s just say it looks awesome and comes out in March in the UK.

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